Wednesday, April 27, 2016

To Blog or Not to Blog

Yeah, yeah, ok, we get it, you can quote Shakespeare.  Go you.
But really, is that even a question?
So how are you guys?  The nice thing about having a tiny readership is that when I ask that question, I have specific people in mind.  Yeah, you.  I'm looking at you.  I miss you.  What's up?
So since the last time I posted something here, lots of things have changed.  I moved.  40 miles.  In the dead of winter.  Instead of a mountain in my backyard, there's a stream.  No more fields and sugar shacks, but I'm enjoying the shit out of seeing what's coming up in the garden, and anticipating what's going to come next.  It feels good: cozy, like a hobbit hole, or a witch's cottage.  You never know, next full moon might see me skyclad under the giant pines.  The kid is in a new school.  The brother started school.  I took a semester off.  Jon Stewart retired.  Obviously, words cannot describe how much I miss him, but I honor his decision to get out before he became an embittered old man.  That would have been ugly for all of us.
I'm pushing to post more regularly here, and to write more regularly in general.  This is a secret, just between us, because I've seen what often happens when a writer returns from a long hiatus with big plans for blogging at high volume.  I don't want to set myself up for failure, so I'm whispering.  With conviction.

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  1. I didn't answer, and I didn't read--until now. It is still eerie to me how on par we are for certain kinds of musings, even if your landmines create different kinds of casualties and shrapnel than mine. It's an interesting mix of validation, understanding, empathy and grief that thickens in my hut and races through my head when I read you. And that's what it is, you know; I'm not just hearing your voice as I read your words. I'm totally reading you. Just a snippet, of course, but it's you. And I will continue to be a twisted kind of grateful for having that opportunity and privilege. Thank you.