Monday, April 7, 2014

Sometimes, it would take more time than I have to untangle The Feelings and sort them into sentences with words.  Often, my brain looks like one of those little word clouds bloggers like to stick in their sidebars, only less "relevant" and with more feelings and images mixed in.  I think mind-reading is probably overrated.  We all think we want to do it, but really, it's not a person's thought-cloud we want to know about.  Reading minds would just be exhausting.  And pointless.  Nobody wants to know about the potato-chip-saw-a-bird-where's-my-other-earring-and-my-glasses-gotta-find-my-stats-notebook-and-a-new-apartment-and-why-do-all-my-pants-have-holes.  But sometimes sorting out the deep and interesting stuff with linear sentence structure possibilities is too much work.  So I don't write.  Unless I'm supposed to be heading out the door and literally every other possible use of my time is probably a better one.  Then I'll give you a peek inside my brain.  If you can see through the brain-cloud that's obscuring everything from both of us.  If you find anything, let me know.  I'll be off having pointless debates on Facebook to prove how smart and awesome I am.