Saturday, February 28, 2015

Duly noted

See, people?  Do you see what happens when I add one single navy item to my wardrobe?  It ruins the whole thing!  Now I have to rethink everything!  In other news, it takes a special kind of person to overbook herself, out of a pathological need to make everyone happy, and then work herself into a pouty swivet because she's overbooked.  Said pouty swivet has so far involved coffee caramel ice cream, a sip of last night's wine, and the decision to pretend that my hair looks just fine without a shower, thank you.
In other news, blogger recognizes neither "pouty" nor "swivet" as a word, and there's a tiny tab down at the bottom of my screen, just above the clock, that says, "Complain."  Yes, thanks, I think I shall.